Packing it all in One Bag

Here’s a great site for my girlfriend:

Yep, an entire site dedicated to a single purpose; packing all your belongings into one bag and one bag only. And not just any bag, but a carry-on!

“The art of traveling light” according to OneBag, “is going pretty much anywhere, for an indefinite length of time, with a single carry-on-sized bag.”

The site details the types of necessities one must consider while undertaking such a task. Emphasis is placed on items which are light and easily foldable. For example, instead of a heavy electric shaver, OneBag suggests the Avid 4, a ½ ounce work of German engineering that folds up into itself and practically disappears. Or, for those who worry about wrinkles, one can opt for inflatable hangers instead of the bulky metal or plastic ones.

OneBag also walks you through the best type of bag to purchase for such a challenge, as well as the packing process itself (including the proper way to fold clothes so they take up the least amount of room). They even have a whole section on packing liquids as well as recommendations for liquid substitutes. Did you know, for example, that there is such a thing as a bar of shampoo? Tips such as this will undoubtedly ensure your toiletries are not confiscated by the airport liquid police.

I actually had a fun time surfing through OneBag and checking out the very ingenious ways to circumvent weight and space while packing your bag(s). I thought I was pretty good at keeping it light, but I have now met the master and I bow down in his presence.