In-flight iPod Seat Connections: Watch Your Movies On The Plane

Looks like United, Delta and Continental “hope to install iPod seat connections in their plans by mid-2007.” But so what, right? Isn’t that why you have an iPod — because you don’t need to plug it in to use it?

But according to Apple, this means that travelers can “power and charge their iPods during flight and allow the video content on their iPods to be viewed on the seat back displays.”

Finally! An alternative to in-flight movies for overseas trips. I’ve been on maybe two flights in my life where the movie selection wasn’t awful, and even when there is something decent, they’ve inevitably edited it so thoroughly for “offensive content” that it’s barely worth watching.

Beyond the domestic carriers, it looks like Air France, Emirates and KLM will also be installing the iPod connections.

I think I’ll wait to plan my next European trip until after these get installed — just so I can try it out!