Yank Tourist Breaks Mugger’s Neck

Three cheers for the American tourist! And an old senior citizen one at that. Ah heck. I shouldn’t ever be celebrating someone’s demise, but this story is just so juicy. MSNBC reports that in Costa Rica, near the Atlantic coast city of Limon, an ex-military man, aged “about 70” was fending off a mugger and, in an intense scuffle, broke one guy’s neck and killed him. Again, not to condone killing…really, truly, seriously….but this is a rather amazing story. The old guy was part of a group of tourists who had left their Carnival Cruise ship to take in some local color. The group was assaulted by a band of youth intent on robbing them. Apparently they thought the old folks would be easy prey. Not this time, amigo.

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it’s sure to evolve over the next few days.