Laos: Tough Bus Rides, Beautiful Scenery

Laos is a long, skinny, landlocked country in southeast Asia, often overlooked by tourist-friendly, coastline-owning Thailand. However, with its centuries-old temples at Luang Prabang, 4000 islands at Si Phan Don, and easily-reachable (depending on your definition of easy) Army of Buddhas at Pak Ou, Laos may be one of the most overlooked travel destinations on the planet. While your travel dollars can go far in this beautiful, mountainous country, your memories may be hard-won — especially if you’re a high-maintenance traveler. To see what I mean, check out this excellent 2-minute video of portions of Al Brenner’s bus ride through Laos. Gorgeous…but by no means first class.

If I were heading to Laos, I would have to add the enigmatic Plain of Jars to my list of things to do. Don’t know what the Plain of Jars is? Check out this excellent trip report, and it’ll be on your short list, too.