JetBlue Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Giveaways

Last year, JetBlue Airways created quite a stir when it announced plans to remove a row of seats from each of its Airbus A320s, giving passengers several more inches of leg room to stretch into.

This week, JetBlue will celebrate its 7th anniversary with daily prize giveaways in its “Seven Year Stretch” instant-win game. Each day, the airline will give away prizes that help people to “stretch out” or relax. For example, prizes include La-Z-Boy recliners, spa certificates, and roundtrip airfare. Unfortunately, I don’t think JetBlue can manage to get you a day off work.

Entering the contest is easy. First, ff you’re not a member of TrueBlue, JetBlue’s customer loyalty program, you need to sign up, which is free and takes about 1 minute. Once you’re a member, you just visit the website, complete the simple entry form, and click the “Enter Me For A Chance To Win” button. If you receive a winning prize message, you’re an instant winner. If you don’t receive a winning message (like me!), then rest easy: there’s always tomorrow. And happily, the prizes keep getting better all week long.