Zaptag’s Waterproof USB Drive Stores Your Important Medical Information

Before I left the US for Africa, I photocopied my important documents and carried them with me. Had I lost my passport, I would’ve had proof I was who I claimed to be. Unfortunately, the papers took up a fair amount of room and quickly got crumpled. Moreover, I was frequently paranoid someone would pinch them. Had Zaptag been available, I might’ve invested.

Zaptag allows you to store emergency contact information and personal medical records on a USB drive. Featuring specialized Windows-compatible health-records software, when a Zaptag is attached to a PC’s USB port, the Emergency Record page — which holds your key information (name, blood type, allergies, and next of kin details) — is displayed. The rest of the drive — holding your insurance details, for example — is password-protected. Of course, Zaptag holds general files, too, like passport scans, driver’s license details, itineraries, that hot girl’s phone number, etc.

Zaptag has several models available, ranging from $50-60. They even have a waterproof model available, for about $80.