Remotely Open Your House from Anywhere in the World

Imagine sitting in an airport terminal waiting to board your plane when your phone rings — it’s your doorbell.

UK-based company, Waleli, plans to make this a reality with a new product they’ve unveiled called GSM-Doorbell. The device consists of four parts: an intercom system, an electric locking mechanism, the doorbell, and a simcard. When someone rings your doorbell — whether you’re at work or half way across the world — your mobile phone rings and lets you chat with whoever is standing outside your house. Press a button on your phone and you can electronically open your door to let them in — perfect for deliveries, catsitters, or anyone else you want to give access to your house without giving up a key.

Plus it’s impossible to lock yourself out, unless you lose your keys and your phone. And it’s pink. What are you waiting for?