Ghent, Belgium — The City That Blows

For the past few months, a female student in Ghent, Belgium has been soliciting balloons from all over the world. Having received countless balloons, sometime next week (“A little mystery is nice, no?”) she will blow up the city. Er, I mean she will blow up the balloons and place them around the city. And you can participate!

If you’re not able to attend the actual Blow this City event, you can send a personalized balloon to the organizer. According to her, there are no rules, just put something on the balloon. Write a message. Attach a note to it. Strap a disposable digital camera to it and ask her to film lift-off.

Why would anyone organize an event like this? Part street-art, part kick in the pants, part senior project — and all fun — the organizer plans to hang the balloons around the city during the night — so people can wake up with a smile.

[Via Neatorama]