Introducing The $300 Million Private Jet

An unnamed individual is slated to spend $150 million on an Airbus A380 — the world’s largest plane — for personal use. Then he’ll spend up to another $150 million upgrading the jet to create the ultimate “Flying Palace.”

Normally configured for passenger use, the plane could seat up to 853 people. But when you’re designing for one, you have room to create your own mobile mansion — two dining areas, a 600-plus-square-foot master bedroom, and whirlpool tub, and — because this particular buyer is a Middle Eastern head of state — a missile-defense system.

It’s like my apartment. With wings and a missile defense system. And three or four times bigger.

The only downside to globe-trotting in the most awesome display of wealth conceivable by modern man, is that these private jumbo jets are so enormous that they can’t land in many of the world’s high-end jet ports.

Although, with a plane like that, why would you ever want to land in the first place?

[via World Hum]