Costa Rican Thugs Attack Tourist Bus, Die

The next time you have wild thoughts of jumping a bus full of senior citizens, better think twice. A group of Costa Rican thugs had the bright idea of hijacking a bus-load of elderly cruise ship passengers who had disembarked to do some sightseeing around the country. Unfortunately for the thugs, the tourists fought back, chaising two of the three gun-toting assailants off the bus and killing a third. One of the heroes, a retired US servicemen, put the attacker in a headlock and “broke his clavicle,” killing him.

Jesus, if I was on that bus I probably would have just sat back, cried, wet my pants, then thanked the old man for saving my life. How do you even break someone’s clavicle? What is a clavicle? Further, how do you go onto a bus with a gun, get attacked by old people, and run off? These guys must have been the worst criminals ever. Either the gun was made of plastic, wasn’t loaded, or they were to scared to use it. Either way, senior citizens 1, Costa Rican thugs 0.