Clear’s Registered Traveler Program: $100 A Year Zooms You Thru Airport Security

I suppose both frequent travelers and the chronically impatient will think Clear‘s $100 annual membership fee is worth every penny. Travelers who join the Clear Registered Traveler program are pre-screened for security and provided with a biometric card that allows them to pass through restricted Clear lanes, aided by dedicated Clear “concierges.”

Not all airports are Clear-cleared…yet. Those that are include: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky; Indianapolis; New York JFK Terminal 7; Orlando; and San José. Soon, Clear lanes will be coming to Newark Terminal B; New York JFK Terminal 1; New York JFK Terminal 4; and Toronto.

Personally, I don’t think it’s right that a privately-owned company should profit from what is essentially a regressive tax. But maybe that’s just me.

[Via Gridskipper]