Flight Attendant Canned for Joining Celebrity Mile-High Club

Flight attendant and ex-policewoman, Lisa Robertson (pictured), from Sydney, Australia was fired from her job on Monday for having unprotected sex in the airplane lavatory with actor Ralph Fiennes, who was on his way to Mumbai, India to give a lecture about the dangers of AIDS.

You’d think that the least someone who was about to give a lecture on the dangers of AIDS could do is wear a condom while getting romantic with a random stranger in an airplane bathroom, but I guess not. It’s not like using protection would be the first thing on his mind, as it’s only the single most important thing you could do to protect yourself from contracting HIV when having sex with a stranger. Surely the second most important thing is not do it while pressed against a public toilet.

Something tells me Ralph wasn’t the best choice for guest lecturer at this particular conference.