Running the Sahara

Recently, we told you about Paula Constant, the woman walking across the Sahara. I’m still super-impressed with her, but the story of Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab, and Kevin Lin is just as intriguing — and almost as grueling.

Their challenge? Run from Senegal to Egypt — which spans 4000 miles and 6 countries — in 100 days. Running up to 50 miles a day, the trio wants to raise money and awareness (but mostly money) for H2O Africa, a clean water initiative working to create public awareness of the water crisis in Africa.

In reality, the group just finished the trek — but it took them 111 days. Suffering blinding sandstorms, crippling tendinitis, and humbling diarrhea, 44-year-old Engle stoicly dismissed all that, remarking, “We touched the water in Senegal at the beginning, and we touched the water in the Red Sea at the end. They were the bookends of our journey.”

The expedition will be chronicled in a documentary film, directed by James Moll and narrated by Matt Damon. Must see. Will kick much ass.

[Via Hobolinks]