Solio Lets You Charge Your Gadgets From the Sun…or The Socket

Solio is a compact, lightweight device capable of charging all your handheld electronic gear — cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS’, and almost everything under the sun — by the sun. Featuring a futuristic collapsible fan-blade design, simply spread out Solio’s blades, expose them to direct sunlight, and get charged.

Visiting an overcast destination? No problem. Solio is a “Hybrid” Charger, meaning it can accept power from either the sun or a wall socket. Plug it in, and charge your gear.

Skeptical of solar? According to the website, one hour of sun will power an iPod for about an hour or provide up to 25 minutes of talk time on most cell phones. In other words, the $99 Solio — available in white, gray, pink, and black — serves as either a convenient backcountry hiker accessory, or as a city-slicker emergency re-charger.