JumpSnap: Blue Balls That Are Good For You

The JumpSnap is a ropeless jumprope. Designed by Brad LaTour, the JumpSnap features two handles tethered to two blue, free-swinging plastic balls. JumpSnappers twirl the units like they were doing it old skool, and the units make a small “snap” with each rotation, methodically calculating the calories burned based on height, weight, and number of jumps — “jump” being defined as “to spring off the ground.” (In other words, the JumpSnap won’t work if you lie in bed and twirl them. Just to clarify.)

Perfect for travelers who want to keep in shape while on the road, the compact gadget fits easily in a bag and won’t hit the walls or ceiling in your hotel. As an added bonus, if somebody breaks into your room, you can whack them hard with the blue balls.

Think they look silly? Who cares? Fitness Magazine gave them a positive review. Yours’ll cost you $60.