Aspen Suffering Global Warming Bouts

Well, the ski season has picked up a bit in the last few weeks as storms began pounding the east coast of America prompting Global Warming naysayers to cry out, “I told you so!”

Global Warming is far from over, however. MSNBC just did a short bit on the effect it is having on the world-famous ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado.

The theme of the article tackles a commonly heard argument normally tossed out by the less informed. “So what if the world’s temperature jumps up one degree. What’s the big deal about one degree?”

Well, in the world of ski resorts, one degree can be the difference between making snow and not making snow. As the temperature hovers just above freezing, snow makers sit and wait for it to drop. If it doesn’t, there is no snowmaking to be had. Places like Aspen usually rely on a base of manmade snow to help the natural stuff stick better and stick around for longer. Global Warming is making this more and more difficult.

The good news is that Aspen, now very cognizant of the effects of mankind upon our changing environment (as well as their bottom line profits), is doing their part to help. For example, the mountain’s slope-grooming snowcats are now powered with biodiesal fuel.

Sometimes it takes a hit in the pocket book and the fear of losing paying customers to jump on board the conservation bandwagon. Hats off to Aspen for making the effort.