B-52’s Launch Funky Hotel

It’s always an interesting lesson in accommodations when Rock Stars design their own hotels. I’ve only stayed in one myself, the Clarence in Dublin owned by U2. It was swank and stylish, a bit like their music, I suppose.

So what happens when a member of the New Wave/Punk band the B-52’s opens up their own hotel? Well, if it is anything like their music, it will be bizarre and eclectic. And it is. Kate Pierson, known more for her amazing Torpedo hairdo, rock lobster writhing, and banshee vocals has designed her perfect little getaway in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock, New York.

Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel is a collection of utterly unique cabins with, and I quote the website here, “mind-blowing mid-century modern/space age/rocket-your-socks-off décor.” Just check out that happenin’ 50’s style kitchen and Frigidaire in the photo above.

If the motel is anything like the website, visitors will be in for a real surprise. The website is a lot of fun to cruise through, offering little snippets of random music as you jump around. And yes, it’s bizarre in a B-52’s type of way; thankfully, there are no bad puns about the Love Shack, baby.

Rates range from $150 to $250 a night. No word on whether Kate will sing at the campfire.