Croatian Lighthouses for Rent

Last summer I visited Croatia for the first time and had a wonderful sampling of what this amazing country has to offer. Although we did not take advantage of it, one of the more unique places to stay while visiting the coastal region is a lighthouse.

The rocky coast is full of dangerous sea hazards and lighthouses have long served an important role here. According to a great article in this month’s Budget Travel, many of these lighthouses can be rented out by vacationers. The government agency in charge of maintaining the lighthouses decided to drum up some desperately needed cash by offering up accommodations in the small apartments and houses attached to lighthouses up and down the coast.

Tourists seeking some of the best views around can opt for remote locations on islands, or more populated spots on the mainland. Prices range from $525 to $1,700 per week and usually includes some helpful assistance from the local lighthouse keeper who can arrange transport and even meals if necessary.

I just hope they have some good blinds on the windows and no reason to turn on the fog horn.