The World’s 10 Busiest Airports in 2006

ATLAccording to a preliminary report released by Airports Council International, passenger traffic in the US in 2006 increased by 5% over 2005, while international traffic rose by a more robust 7%. In total, therefore, airports moved an astounding 4.4 billion passengers around the world in 2006. That’s a lot of salted nuts.

According to the same report, the world’s 10 busiest airports are:

  1. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson
  2. Chicago’s O’Hare
  3. London’s Heathrow
  4. Tokyo’s Haneda
  5. Los Angeles International
  6. Dallas/Ft. Worth International
  7. Paris’ Charles de Gaulle
  8. Frankfurt International
  9. Beijing International
  10. Denver International

Interestingly, the world’s busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic was Memphis International. Hmm… wonder why.

If you’re interested (or waiting on a flight delay), you can check out the rest of the Top 30 busiest airports (PDF).

[Photo: Brent Danley]