Friday Funny: Ah, the French

When it comes to high-brow entertainment, there’s no place than France to get your fill of art-house film and intellectually stimulating enjoyment. I mean, there’s Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

And who can forget how much the French treasured Jerry Lewis who was, while not French, oh so very funny. And high brow. Well, let’s another name to the list. Herewith, I introduce you to one Joseph Pujol who, according to this site on Human Marvels, became one of the most unique performers ever to grace a stage. What was his secret? Apparently he was a master of flatulence. Yes, Pujol, through a complex mix of self-discipline and body control, was able to create distinct notes with his, well, to use a French term, derriere.

Pujol’s skills are obviously a part of a long lost art-form that we could use in this cynical age…a skill that earned him the title of Fartiste (a term oddly missing from my spell-checker). His, um, passing in 1942 was truly a great loss to the French and, I attest, to global culture as a whole. Let Us Now Praise a Once Famous Man.