Promoting Sindhi Culture Through Motion Animated Dolls

Danyal handicrafts is comprised of members of the Solangi family. Together, they make “electrical operated functional cultural models,” which are doll-like, mini-robots that help demonstrate and explain the culture of the Sindhi people, who are found in Pakistan and India.

These “cultural models” are amazingly lifelike and can be positioned in culturally-relevant settings. As for the “electrical” part? The models move!
Danyal has some super-short videos of, for example, a woman preparing a meal, a man throwing a clay pot, and another man, um, relaxing.

While I’m not sure these are going to be the hot new toy for Christmas this year, it’s interesting to remember that not every culture thinks Barbie is representative of its people.

On second thought, what culture does think Barbie is representative of its people?

[VIa Metroblogging Karachi]