Asylum Airlines

In 2000, roughly 400,000 asylum seekers applied for asylum in the EU. Of course, many of those people were refused asylum and were deported.

Currently, commercial airlines fly deportees back home. However, deporting people is unpleasant for everyone involved. Not only is it expensive for governments to deport people, it’s intimidating for “normal” passengers to see chained deportees surrounded by armed security on their flight. As a result, many commercial airlines have stopped taking asylum seekers.

Seeing a need, therefore, two businessmen are planning to launch a new airline devoted specifically for failed asylum seekers. So-called Asylum Airlines will provide meals, guards, medical staff, and a representative of a human rights group on each flight. They’ll even provide padded rooms for the unruly.

Essentially, the planes will fly around Europe, pick up failed asylum seekers, and return them to their homes. According to one of the businessmen, “With a professional service the deportations will be faster, chains will not be needed and the deportees can enjoy a meal.” Amusingly, the men claim they haven’t made plans for inflight entertainment or a frequent-flyer scheme.

This is probably one airline you don’t want to test, so be certain to double-check the information on Priceline before hitting that “purchase” button!

[Via Mobissimo; Photo: Java Cafe]