Celebrity Restaurants Everywhere!

New restaurants have a horrible success rate. Something like 80% fail in the first year. There is, however, one surefire way to ensure that a new restaurant is jumping from the very first night: make sure a celebrity owns it.

For whatever reason, people flock to celebrity-owned restaurants. Leonardo DiCaprio could serve frogs in a blender and star-struck patrons would still appear from the woodwork and happily drink it down.

Fortunately, most celebrities have the money to invest when opening a restaurant and as a result, you can usually expect it to be a nice experience.

Celebrity restaurants can be found in cities across the globe but it is in California and New York where they tend to breed like rabbits. San Francisco, for example, is home to Francis Ford Coppola’s culinary empire, while Los Angeles is where one can dine with the investments of Ashton Kutcher et al. And then there is New York City. A visit to New York is a visit to the restaurants of Justin Timberlake, Robert De Niro, Moby, and many, many others.

For a cool little slide show of what to expect, pop on over to ForbesTraveler.com and check it out. And, if you decide to ever visit one of these fine establishments, be sure to mention that Gadling sent you; you’ll be treated like royalty.