7th Annual BYOBW

Every Easter Sunday at 4 in the afternoon, the Annual BYOBW (Bring Your Own Big Wheel) Race breaks out. During the race, otherwise normal adults dress in costume and ride children’s plastic tricycles down Lombard Street — the world’s SECOND crookedest street. This year marks the 7th Anniversary of the event, and since 7 is a lucky number, I’m predicting no one breaks their neck.

According to veteran competitor Luke Powell, “This race may seem ridiculous, but it transcends ridiculousness. This is about something else.” What is that “something else”? Well, considering the vehicles are prone to failure when carrying more than 80 pounds, it seems winning isn’t the goal — survival is.

I’d love to start an east coast chapter of BYOBW, but since I live in an area where the average elevation is about 13 feet, I’m not sure the race would be too exciting.