Laptop Shade Reduces Sun Glare, Increases Dorkiness

Remember the Top 10 Beaches with Wireless Internet Access post we made a month or so ago? Well, if you’re the type of person (read: geek) who can use a list of beaches like that, this product may be for you.

Meet the Comp Shade, a nifty little device that makes it easier to see the screen in ultra-bright environments like the beach. It’s universal in size, virtually weightless, and takes up as much space as an empty folder when not in use. The cost? $25, but as Lifehacker suggested, this may be a fairly easy DIY project if you’ve got the urge.

So there you go — you’ve got your Comp Shade and a list of the top 10 beaches with wifi access. You’re set for Summer!

[via lifehacker]