Airports Want to Charge You More to Fly

It may cost even more to fly this summer, thanks to our nation’s airports. As they try to fun new runways, terminal expansions, and other improvements, airports across the U.S. are pushing for higher boarding fees.

Specifically, they want to raise the “Passenger Facility Charge,” a fee that’s been automatically added to the cost of your ticket since 1992. At that time, it was $3 per ticket. The fee rose to a new high of $4.50 in 2001, but now the Federal Aviation Administration wants to raise the fee to $6, while the airports want it raised higher still — to $7.50.

The hike doesn’t sound like much, but amidst rising fuel costs, flying is becoming more expensive across the board. This worries passengers like Carlisha Colbert, a university student interviewed for the story by USA Today who said, “Tickets are already expensive. … I don’t think they should be increasing the price.”

But will the rising costs keep people from flying? Only time will tell.