When Patrons get Pooped On

With waterfront property at Long Beach, California, one might think the restaurant Schooner or Later had it made in the shade. It’s the shade that actually was causing problems. Blue herons loved the palm trees that used to shade Schooner or Later’s patio. As birds are known to do, they relieve themselves and that was the problem. Folks eating out on the patio were getting pooped on. There was a article about this back in September on MSN. The story wasn’t just about the restaurant, but about the blue heron population that is finding a hard place to live since development has encroached on so much of its habitat. Therefore, the palm trees that line the beach are perfect if you happen to be a heron.

Today, the story was a Day to Day segment. For awhile, the owner of the restaurant had been trying to get permission to move the four trees that shaded his patio. He didn’t get permission, but someone cut back the trees anyway. Even though it was the landlord who cut the trees, the owner’s pleased. I’m sure the people getting pooped on are pleased as well. According to some, however, this is an example of nature conservancy and tourism being at cross purposes. The blue heron used to be considered endangered and there is worry blue herons may become endangered again if their nesting places keep disappearing. If you want to see a heron habitat that’s protected, head to Morro Bay State Park that includes the Heron Rookery Natural Preserve.