Anna Nicole Smith Tour: A Bahamas Big Seller

With true enterprising spirit, Anna Nicole Smith tours are already underway in the Bahamas and they are keeping taxi drivers busy. The tours are detailed on Jaunted: The Pop Culture Travel Guide’s website. Taxi drivers thought up this tour idea. They happily take fans or not fans on non-official tours to a variety of locations that tell the saga of Smith’s larger than reality life. One day, perhaps ,this tour will show up in some travel brochure. Seriously, could you actually make this stuff up if you sat down to write a best selling novel?

The tour cleverly called the “Anna Nicole Tour” includes:

  • Doctors’ Hospital in Nassau, where her son Daniel died.
  • Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mauseoleums where she and her son are buried.
  • Mount Horeb Baptist Church where her funeral was.
  • Horizons, the home where she lived with Howard K. Stern and her five month old daughter.

If you want a cab driver to take you to these spots, prepare to negotiate. There doesn’t seem to be a set price. Or maybe, by now, there is.