Renting an Island

Having an entire island to yourself is a dream that very few people are able to enjoy; buying an island is prohibitively expensive, as is staying on a privately owned island. But, if ya got the dough, everything is possible.

If you fall under that elusive affluent demographic, Real Simple has put together a short list of the best “islands you can have to yourself.” Unfortunately, it is not online. But since the list is short and impressive, we will share it with you here:

Necker Island (British Virgin Islands). $40,000 a night, owned by Richard Branson.
Musha Cay (Bahamas) $24,750 a day, includes a 10,000-square-foot mansion.
Isla Kiniw (Curacao). $5,950 a week, just off the mainland.
Brandy Hill Island (Connecticut). $1,500 a week, only one acre and very rustic.
Dream Island (Moorea) $400-600 a night. Finally! One I might be able to afford.