JetBlue #493 Lands at JFK On Time

NEW YORK — Yesterday hundreds of passengers arrived at John F. Kennedy airport in New York on JetBlue flight 493 at or perhaps even slightly before the exact time the plane was scheduled to land.

Lizzie Crumb and her two children were returning from a trip to San Diego to visit in-laws, and had planned on being stuck on a tarmac somewhere for several hours. “I even brought plenty of snacks along,” said Crumb in a telephone interview. “But we arrived on time, without any sort of delays whatsoever.”

The exact number of JetBlue planes that arrived at their gate on time around the country yesterday is unknown, but FAA officials speculate that flight 493 is most likely the only one.

“It must be a cold day in hell,” said Chester Dharbain, air traffic controller based in New York. “Because this is the first JetBlue to arrive on time in the last four months. It’ll probably be the last for a while.”