One for the Road Redux

Your daily dose of travel-inspired reading material has returned! The Gadling team has always been a terrific source for information about the latest and greatest travel books. But now you can be sure to get at least one book suggestion Every.Single.Day. Guaranteed. (I know — you just can’t contain your excitement.)

I’m sure some of my fellow bibliophile nomads will indeed be happy to see the revival of the daily One for the Road feature (and will eagerly let us know how complete their life now is by sharing so in the comments below.) And for those of you who are not yet book-lovahs?!?!? Just wait — eventually, one of these daily suggestions will seduce its way into your backpack or regulation size carry-on bag. Over time the range of books covered will surely pique the interest of each and every traveler type that pays a visit to Gadling. (Even if all you ever normally read is our website!)

Books can serve as excellent companions on our journeys, or they allow us to travel far and wide without ever stepping foot out of bed. It’s great to be back at Gadling, and I’m happy to serve as your travel book tour guide. Stay tuned each day for news and views about books, author events, interviews and more. This will not just be guidebooks galore — we’ll cover books from a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres. And if you have a book you’d like to suggest, please share in the comments or email me at gadlingkel AT gmail DOT com.