Couple Falls off Cruise Ship, Strips Naked as “Survival Tactic”

Recently, we mentioned that it was, relatively speaking, rather difficult to fall overboard while on a cruise ship. Hmm… try telling that to the young couple who recently plunged 50 feet off the side of a Grand Princess cruiseliner.

The unmarried couple — both in their 20s — fell over the 4-foot-high railing into the Gulf of Mexico. Surviving four hours in “shark-infested waters,” the couple was discovered by rescuers searching the waves with high-intensity beams. The man, who was naked when he was rescued, claims he removed his clothes in the water as a survival tactic. Apparently, the woman didn’t bother to lie, as it was obvious why they were naked.

In the understatement of the year, the news report claims, “It is not clear how the couple fell off the Grand Princess cruise-liner, but it is understood to have been an accident.”