Gadling’s 10,000th Post

It was back in October of 2004…October 4 to be precise, that I penned the very first post for A few weeks before, I’d met Jason Calacanis for a bite at Pastis in the West Village, and he told me he was looking for a travel writer to start a blog. I’d been reading a few blogs at that time, but there were not many (and hardly any good ones) dedicated entirely to travel. I knew I had to sign up. And so here we are two and a half years later and, with this very post, we reach an amazing blogmark.

This is gadling’s 10,000th post.

A really amazing achievement, I think. Man, it makes my head spin just to think of all the things we’ve covered, the gazillions of articles we’ve read and written about, trips we’ve done, blogs we’ve reviewed, snarky thoughts we’ve had on everything from airlines to zippers. And all the amazing folks who have joined up to make gadling one of the best travel blogs out there.

I’ll not wax poetic here for long. This is a post to congratulate all the folks who have built gadling over the last couple of years. Not just the stable of strong and passionate writers, but also the dedicated readers and photographers and so on who keep gadling going strong.

Congrats to everyone on reaching an amazing milestone.