Mouse Delays Flight for 4 Hours

Mice are expected in some forms of public transportation. The rats in New York’s subway system are legendary — and I wouldn’t be that surprised to see a little rodent scurrying around a Greyhound. But mice on planes? Not only is it unusual, but when it does happen, it’s apparently quite the problem

So much so, that a recent Vietnam Airlines flight to Tokyo was delayed for four hours thanks to a small white mouse scurrying down the aisles. A passenger spotted the furry stowaway before the plane took off, and technicians had to be brought in to kill the critter.

But this didn’t go very well. In fact, it was so difficult to catch the mouse that passengers were sent to a hotel while all their luggage was removed from the plane, allowing technicians to search more thoroughly for the elusive little guy.

Thankfully, the rodent was finally captured, and the plane took off — albeit at 4 a.m.

All I can think of is Bill Murray in Caddyshack, and his relentless pursuit of that animatronic, dancing gopher. Fortunately Vietnam Airlines didn’t resort to his guerilla tactics, or that plane never would’ve got off the ground.