“Naked Sushi” Arrives on the Shores of America

It used to be that you’d have to fly all the way to Japan, and befriend some underworld Yakuza denizen in order to indulge in a bit of nyotaimori.

In case you’re not up on your Japanese Mafia culinary terms, nyotaimori is “body sushi.” Or more precisely, it is sushi placed upon a naked (or nearly naked) woman lying on her back and pretending to be a human buffet.

Somehow or another, a new Los Angeles restaurant has gotten around Health Department rules and is now serving this bizarre specialty at Hadaka Sushi on Sunset Boulevard.

The fine folks over at DeepEndDining.com made a special trip with video camera in hand to watch the festivities, eat some raw fish, and interview the sushi model.

I felt a bit bad for the model, a friendly woman covered in sushi, systematically picked at with chop sticks, and otherwise demeaned. I think I’ll pass, thank you very much.