Satellite Internet Connection? Still not an Option

Technology is moving at breakneck speed, but there is one current shortfall I can’t wait for science to solve: Internet connection from the sticks.

Why can’t I pull out some gadget while trekking in the Himalayas or camping in Siberia that provides fast, cheap, and easy access to the internet. Wouldn’t it be great to post on Gadling live from the most remote corners of the globe, instead of waiting a few days to find some internet café?

Well, there are some solutions, but only if you are rich. Take, for example, the Nera Worldpro satellite receiver. This 2 pound chunk of engineering will pluck a satellite signal out of the air and hook you up with both a telephone and internet connection to the civilized world. Pretty cool, huh?

Sort of.

The receiver will put you back $2,500 and more than $100 for each twenty megabytes of transferred data. Wow. I just don’t think I’m willing to pay that amount of money to sift through all that spam in my inbox.