TripHub’s New Dynamic Maps Make TripPlanning Even Easier

TripHub is an online group-travel planning resource. Recently, the site incorporated Trip Maps into their offerings, allowing users to map any group activity — from a pub crawl, to a bike race, to a family reunion, to a kayak trip. It’s a nifty way to plan a trip in which multiple people are participating.

As opposed to most map-making sites, TripHub allows users to collaborate on details of the trip (down to the nit-pickiest of things, like Tuesday’s hotel or Thursday’s brunch), invite other people, and even post an event schedule. Moreover, Trip Maps allow you to add items from local search results to the group’s schedule. In other words: no more mass e-mailing attendees whether they’d like to eat Mexican food or nyotaimori.

Though most Trip Maps are viewable by invitees only, you can see how it all works on Sandra’s Big Four Ooooh!, scheduled for Vegas for next February. Don’t knock it; Oprah and I will BOTH be there!