Get Your Own Rhino

You’ve had the rambunctious German Shepherd now for five years. He’s getting old and he’s not as much fun anymore. Sure, he’s still cute, you’re not going to put hm to sleep or anything, but you are wondering how you might eventually replace him with another pet. Where can you find an animal that’s big enough to rough-house with and yet also kind of, you know, exotic? What about Africa?

Yes, here is your chance to get your hands on your very own rhinoceros. South African National Parks is selling as many as 100 white rhinoceroses from Kruger National Park to the general public. That means not just zoos and parks and maybe crazy billionaires. But YOU. Yes YOU can have your very own rhino. And to be honest the price isn’t so bad. The rhinos will cost from $9,000 to $37,000 each, depending on sex. According to this piece over at Nat Geo Adventure, females are the most expensive and have to be sold with their young so as not to separate mother and calf.

This sounds like a deal too good to be true. Just think of the stares you’ll get strolling down Park Avenue with a rhino on a leash. And the conversations you’ll have! The biggest issue, I think, will be getting the rhinos to your home from Africa. Maybe try UPS.

Oh, and if you feel like doing a little rhino origami…well, check out this link.