As a boy, my mother put the fear of God in me when using hotel bedspreads. Today, the thought of using a “public” bedspread totally creeps me out. I don’t want to sit on one, and I certainly don’t want one touching my face! The horror! Consequently, when I saw the TravelFresh, I was intrigued, in a zany, clean-freak kind of way.

TravelFresh offers germophobes, frequent travelers, and bugbed-haters the security of clean, fresh sheets when traveling. Completely eliminating the need to touch sheets — not to mention bedspreads! — the 100% polyester TravelFresh is like a huge 7′ 9″ condom for your body. Including a built-in pocket for a (shrink-wrapped) pillow, the TravelFresh rolls neatly into drawstring pouch, is machine-washable, and can be folded to the size of a passport. if you’re weirded out by airline seats, I guess you could slip into one of these while on the plane. I guess.

A 1-person unit runs $25; doubles runs $35.