Got $20,000? Fund this Guy’s Time Travel Experiment!

John Cramer, a physicist at the University of Washington, wants to test a controversial prediction from quantum theory that says light particles can go backward in time. However, in need of a more precise crystal prism and a more sensitive camera, he’s unable to get the experiment started. According to Cramer, “All we need to keep going is maybe $20,000, but nobody seems that interested in funding this project.”

The UW physicist has applied for funds from the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Though DARPA recently sent out RFPs from researchers interested in developing shape-shifting, liquid robots, and cyborg insects, and NIAC has funded similar projects in the past, neither agency has coughed up the dough to fund Cramer’s work.

If you agree that time travel is the most extreme kind of travel imaginable, then you should be rooting on Cramer and trying to help him secure the funds. Maybe your donation could prove the theory that makes time travel possible. Your name would be eponymous with time travel!