Don’t Waste Your Money on Travel Insurance

Finally, after a long winter locked up inside the house, it’s time to get out, feel the sunshine, and head off on your Spring vacations. But while you’re picking flights, reserving hotels and scouring local shops for a hot new swimsuit, you can cross one thing off your list of travel preparations: buying insurance.

Sounds risky, right? What about all your stuff? What if you get injured and need medical assistance?

Chances are, you’re already covered. Homeowners and medical insurance cover most everything to do with traveling, and credit cards and automobile clubs often pick up the rest.

That being said, don’t take my word for it. Check your insurance policies before your trip, and if it turns out you do need to pick up some additional coverage, check out these helpful tips from Consumer Reports.

So here I was, feeling guilty for all the “uninsured” trips I’ve taken over the years, only to find out, I was probably fine.