One for the Road (04/12/07)

The Handsomest Man in Cuba was originally published in the US in 2003. This month it has been re-released by Globe-Pequot USA. Chinese-Australian author Lynette Chiang (a.k.a. The Gal from Down Under) wrote a memoir about her adventures as a solo biking nomad. Heralded as a Rugged Individualist by Forbes in 2005, Chiang continues to make her way through the world via two wheels, speaking to bike clubs and serving as Customer Evangelist for Bike Friday, the folks who make the folding bike that she used while traveling. (Get the latest goss on where she’s cycling these days at her blog.) Just glancing at her website and photos, it’s apparent that Lynette is one ACTIVE woman and full of creative ideas too — check out her handlebar movie ventures and YouTube videos, which include biking the world’s highest paved road, as well as activities that don’t require wheels, like pole dancing and guitar lessons. Hmmmm…I’m sure the book is full of similarly unique and varied undertakings. You can read a few chapters for free on her website.