Start your own Travel Blog (and Get Paid for it)

Admit it. You’ve thought about it. You’ve gone on some cool journey, and you’ve started thinking about how great it would be to blog about your experience. The only problem is that you don’t have a blog. Or, you simply don’t want to spend your time blogging for free.

Make Money While You Travel With A Travel Blog is a quick, down-and-dirty how-to post from the folks at

As the headline indicates, it is indeed possible to earn a bit of money while traveling and blogging. The TravelHappy post provides links to blogging software and potential advertisers (such as Text Link Ads and Adbrite), as well as giving the lowdown on what it takes to actually launch and maintain a blog. Yes folks, to earn a bit of cash from blogging requires COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, and other hard-working nouns which have haunted slackers and motivated go-getters since the dawn of western civilization. Ugh.

This is a tough gig, folks. But, if you can make it work, it can be truly rewarding. And, that’s all I have time to say on the topic; I gotta finish my next post ASAP so I can get to bed before midnight.