Tickets on Sale for Beijing Olympics

OK, sports fans, if you’re planning on attending next year’s Olympics in Beijing, you might want to get your tickets now. More than 7 million have just gone on sale, but 75% are allotted for Chinese residents only, and you can’t buy them in large numbers — in fact, some events, like the opening ceremonies, have a 1 ticket per person policy.

On the plus side, it won’t be horribly expensive. Organizers are keeping prices low, in the hopes that the games can be affordable for everyone. In fact, more than half the tickets are going for $12 or less.

In the event that you’re not quite ready to book a trip 15 months in advance, don’t worry. This is only the first wave of ticket sales. Procrastinators will get another shot at seats in October of this year.

This is where I’m at in the planning process. I’d love to go, but I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to. I’ve never been to China, nor have I attended an Olympics, so this could be the perfect opportunity to do both. Plus, by August 8th, 2008, I might just have enough money saved up to eat while I’m attending.

See you there?