A Song a Day

I caught this over at Worldhum and loved it. What a great idea. A guy named David Andrew Strackany, who for some perhaps rock-based reason calls himself Paleo, has been on the road writing songs. But he is no Willie Nelson wannabee. In fact, he’s far more prolific than that…more prolific than any song writer in recent memory, in fact.

Over at hs Website, you can see and hear that Paleo has spent the last year gallivanting across the country writing one song every day since April 16, 2006. As Worldhum points out, Whitney Matheson from Pop Candy assures us that “the tunes are actually good.” We’ll decide for ourselves, but you can catch a podcast with Paleo here. And if you want to sit and listen to some of the tunes, well, go right ahead. My favorite so far is Kissing the Telephone.