Petra Video

A friend of mine is in Egypt right now living and learning about Egyptian life, and he seems to be getting out a lot with his camera to do some shooting around the Middle East. I got this link from him the other day and immediately moved the ruins of Petra in Jordan higher up my list of must-do things in life. Let’s say it went from 234 to 94 in the 1000 Things to do Before I Die. Petra means “stone” which will make sense once you see the video. Anyway, I’ll let the vid speak for itself. It is unnarrated, but inspiring. Petra, you may recall, is the place they filmed part of the last Indiana Jones film. Once you see the video, you’ll see why…and you’ll understand why Petra is such a big tourist draw, even if it is hard to get to, as I understand is the case. If you’re interested, here’s a Wikipedia primer on Petra. And here’s one on Cheerios, which has nothing to do with Petra, but is a nutritious breakfast cereal.