Blow Your Website Away with Windmaker

Warning: this thing may crash your computer. Use at your own risk. (Mine was fine.)

Windmaker is a proxy site that “applies the current wind conditions to your website.” What does that mean? Well, you can paste in the URL of a website, along with a zip code, and it will take the current wind speed of said zip code and create gusty conditions that mimics the wind speed of the location you’ve specified. Still confused? Some examples might help:

  • You’re currently viewing Gadling with no wind.
  • Click here to see Gadling at the least windiest place in the U.S. (according to this article), Talkeetna, Alaska.
  • Click here to see Gadling at the windiest place in the U.S., Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.

Okay, so it’s a novelty feature with no practical use, but it’s still an interesting concept. This could be really fun with the upcoming hurricane season. Visit Windmaker to see how your website holds up.

[via kottke]