Naked Bungy Jumping Gives New Meaning to Term “Free Fall”

Oops, looks like we missed this one for 2007, but that gives you plenty of time to make it to Vancouver Island, Canada in time for Wild Play’s 2008 Naked Bungy Jumping event.

Claiming it’s a “very old and established tradition,” Wild Play only allows naked Bungy Jumps one weekend every February to raise money for the BC Schizophrenia Society. The registration fee for naked bungy jumpers is heavily discounted; in 2001, it was only $10. Fully-clothed jumpers are charged regular price, and prurient spectators are charged an “entry fee.” Don’t know if free-falling while free-balling is for you? Check out Cale Burr’s 30-second video of his jump and decide.

Interested? You can jump singly or tandem (like this couple), if you register online the month prior to the event.