Where on Earth (Week 4): Tbilisi, Georgia!

We didn’t have any winners in this week’s “Where on Earth” contest, but we did have some close guesses. Sort of. The guesses were all in the former Soviet Union. As was the location of this photograph. One has to travel much further south, however, to be able to snap such a shot.

One of the clues which might have pointed someone to the right answer was the difficult-to-read Georgian script on the side of the building. Perhaps a sharper photograph may have helped. The second clue is the Golden Arches atop the building in the middle. Only one city in Georgia has a McDonald’s and that city is the capital, Tbilisi.

I snapped this shot two summers ago while traveling through this amazing former Soviet Republic. One of the best highlights for me was the food–and I’m NOT talking about that McDonald’s in the photo. Georgians love their cuisine and simply gorged me silly everywhere I went. I’ve never eaten so much in any country while traveling than I did in Georgia. And, other than a plate of liver, I loved it all. Mmm….