Eco Luxury Tours

Eco Luxury is a relatively new term that has transformed what used to be a rather unattractive lifestyle into one that can be very chic and sexy.

It wasn’t so long ago that “environmentally conscious” meant scratchy hemp clothing and unshaved armpits. Times have changed, however. A handful of architects and designers are now crafting eco-friendly products that don’t sacrifice fashion and comfort for the sake of the planet. This means we can be stylish and save the world while doing so.

Hybrid Living is a rather cool website which highlights designers who are doing just that. The site is split into two sections. Profiles covers individual designers who are embracing this new challenge. Hybrid Tours, however, is the section that will be more interesting to Gadling readers. It provides examples of “sustainable living” in Seattle, Washington DC, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

Each city page features a dozen or so restaurants, residences, and retail outlets which embrace the eco-luxury theme. A handy map pinpoints the locations and also provides a detailed write-up for each place featured. Personally, I was drawn more to the eco-luxury architecture presented on the site, such as the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica.

In addition, there are also a series of self-guided Hybrid Living Tour podcasts available for eco-conscious tourists to download. Simply plug in and learn all about the chic, eco-luxuries in which to indulge during your next trip to any one of these cities.

Pamper yourself, pamper your planet. Not a bad way to live.